Anvil Street, it’s a long story, both in terms of its name – which comes from a nonsensical conversation with some friends on the bus from school back in 1997 – as in terms of how long I have wanted to start this project.

I became a language teacher to travel, and I did many things and visited many places before I realized I really liked teaching. The idea behind this site is to share articles and videos on topics which I find interesting in order to teach languages. 

Here’s a quick tour of this website:

All the articles will be available in English, Spanish and French, so you can practice these languages and learn about something. The videos won’t be dubbed but they’ll be subtitled (engrenage on YouTube) and will be accompanied by an article;

Tuna fish, whose name comes from a song by Emiliana Torrini, is a section where you’ll find anecdotal facts, such as why people drive on the left in some countries and on the right in others…; 

OnLearn is an online language school;

1pic3words gives you the opportunity to practice your writing skills in English, Spanish and French; and

Sing-sang-sung focuses on one song per week based on English students’ common mistakes and doubts.




MonoMona IntroCredit

MonoMona is a small production company that we created with Luis Gutiérrez Peláez in order to make videos on topics that interest us. In 2013, we won the Premio Embajada de Estados Unidos in the video competition Mi realidad organized by the Embassy of the United States in Bolivia, and in 2015 our documentary Vigilia was officially selected by the International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival in Sucre (Bolivia).

LuisLuis is a scriptwriter. He has worked for various institutions as scriptwriter and cameraman, and he has made several documentaries. Currently, he’s also working on comic book scripts.