When we think about non democratic countries, Bolivia – and the rest of Latin America – might not be * the first place which comes to mind. Although modern-day Latin American countries are not dictatorships, it is fair to say that some governments have started to take measures aiming at limiting freedom, especially freedom of speech and of the press.

Bolivia’s government has been trying to control the media for the last few years. For instance, they imposed financial restrictions on several radio stations to prevent * them from airing * certain journalists’ programs; they impeded the sale of La Razón – one of the most widely * read newspapers in Bolivia – for several days after a cartoonist * drew the indifference of the people after an accident left four dead and about sixty injured during the biggest carnival of the country;

Al-Azar’s drawing –

they incarcerated * a street artist for ‘making fun of * the president’ by adding Pinocchio’s nose to his portrait mural…


This month, Joaquín Cuevas, a cartoonist from La Paz, faced criticism for one of his caricatures portraying a minister, which he drew right after the referendum. He briefly told us about his experience and his opinion on freedom in the country.


Joaquín is also the owner of a comic book shop, La Viñeteca, in Obrajes, La Paz.
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