The world is a global village and therefore, it has become essential to know other languages. OnLearn allows you to study a language - French, English or Spanish - from home, from work, or from wherever your are, using your computer, tablet or smartphone. Whether you have to take an exam, you want to learn for your own pleasure or you think you just need to brush up on your language skills, the lessons are tailored to meet your needs and preferences, and they are flexible to fit into your timetable. They combine different types of activities ranging from formal curriculum to movie parts, articles or news items designed/selected by an experienced teacher, so you can deepen your knowledge of grammar structure, build your vocabulary, and practice your listening and speaking skills during and outside the sessions.


Other resources are also available on such as You never know whether to use in, on or at? You always confuse borrow and lend, good and well, among and between? Don't let that happen again.   The first half hour is free to assess your level and so you can decide whether you want to go on studying with OnLearn or not.  word-cloud-languages
one to one or group sessions
scheduled or on demand
individual or companies
teacher  About the teacher Lorange, enthusiastic language teacher since 2010, philologist and CELTA holder – I studied/worked in various countries, and have experience teaching both online and onsite, in one-to-one and group sessions. I currently teach general and business English, French and Spanish, mostly to corporate clients.


I speak fluent French, English and Spanish, and have a good level of Italian, Dutch and Portuguese. I have taught people from all over the world. Understanding and speaking various languages helps me identify the difficulties students might have and give clearer me