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YouTube was activated on 15 February 2005*. It was founded by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim, all former * PayPal employees. Apparently, what inspired them to create YouTube was Janet Jackson’s ‘wardrobe * malfunction *’ during the 2004 Super Bowl, also known as Nipplegate *. At the time, videos of the incident couldn’t be found easily and that’s how they had the idea of a video sharing * website.


* Writing and reading dates in English

It is possible to write dates in two different ways:

  • February 14th
  • 14th February

Note that ‘th’ is not compulsory. When you read those dates, you should add words which are generally not written:

  • February the fourteenth
  • the fourteenth of February

In the United States, they tend to drop ‘the’.

Reading years

  • 1700, 1800, 1900…: seventeen hundred, eighteen hundred, nineteen hundred
  • 1901 (or 1801, 1401…) to 1909 (or 1609…): nineteen oh one, eighteen oh four…
  • from 1910 (or 1510…) to 1999 (or 1699…): 1920 = nineteen twenty, 1684 = sixteen eighty-four…

BUT, from 2000 on, there are different rules:

  • 2000 = two thousand
  • from 2001 to 2009: 2001 = two thousand and one, 2007: two thousand and seven
  • from 2010 to 2099: you can either say ‘two thousand and ten’ or ‘twenty ten’, and so on

There is no preposition before the year: 14 February 2005 = the fourteenth of February 2005

Remember that

  • on is used with days and dates: on Monday, on Saturday, on 29th March
  • in is used with months and years: in December, in 1879

And finally, days and months are capitalized.